Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Medic Speaks

Squirm Your Way Out of THIS One, Gordon

Before I begin this post, I've a confession to make. I have met Gordon Brown, not once or twice but three times.

I know. I'm sorry. And I've repented. I'm not a Labour party member and never have been but was working for Halifax at the time.

Naturally todays big story is the showdown between Gordon and Gillian: who would expect the Prime Minister, head of a party that has been government for the past 13 years would have his arrse handed to him by a 66 year old Labour supporter and force him into an embarrassing climb down.

As CSR and I both know, if we'd been dumb enough to do that we would have expected a good shoeing.

But here's the question: despite their drones (and I'm looking at you, @bevaniteellie) the labour campaign has been remarkably lacklustre. Why?

Perhaps - PERHAPS - the problem is this: Mr Brown knows just how bad the state of the public finances are and is looking forward to being in opposition so as a backbencher (after the internecine civil war within the Labour party for the poisoned chalice) he can harangue the new government.

Perhaps - to coin a phrase - the leather is greener on the other Commons benches?

Fellow voters, I beseech you, I implore you - do NOT let him get away with it.

In the clearing of the stables and when the new government find the finances are as bad or worse than we fear, take the following actions:

- arrest the current Labour front bench plus anyone who has been a Labour minister in this government
- charge them with perjury, fraud and sedition
- remand them in custody
- try them, find them guilty and incarcerate them.

Only that way will we be clear of these people who believe they are our betters: Keir Hardie must be appalled.

++++++++++ Posted on behalf of John The Medic ++++++++++


  1. "........and incarcerate them."

    Could we not use all those lamposts I've bought and the large amount of piano wire horded, instead?


    And welcome to the Blogosphere John. Oh. And make sure you're on the ground when CSR jumps from that plane. He might need you.

    (CSR: we need to get those donations moving. The counter is stuck on 70 quid. I've got the widget in my side bar and will try and draw peeps attention to it.)

  2. Fear ye not my filthy friend. I will punt the jump all over creation as the day draws near!

  3. I so wish it would come to that, in the UK though, when you get to the top job you are rendered immune from your own decisions. I'd love to see them charged.

  4. Good post..JTM.

    As to the jump. When you're about to do it let me know and I'll put it on my tiny blog for others to see.