Monday, 21 June 2010

No Title

Thanks for all the kind words. I'd like to shut the blog with this...

Come home safe Lads... CSR


  1. Ray,

    Keep my emil address,
    Mail me
    A guest slot is available on The Last of the Few.

    * Tip the Hat *

  2. A fitting tribute.

    (Please keep the blog live so you can drop in and let us know how things are going.)

  3. I've only recently come here. I've found your words hard to read, but have read them.
    Making comments though in the face of such powerful and disturbing prose has felt trite.
    I wish you luck in whatever you do next, especially in relation to getting your son back.
    But more than luck I wish you health, the things you have gone through are so shocking no wonder they have affected you and so many of your fellow soldiers.
    Take care

  4. Fire byrd took the words out of my mouth.

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