Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Blood on a Sunday

Just to keep things in perspective...

In 1971 Sergeant Michael Willetts of 3 PARA cleared a room in Springfield Road RUC Police Station of civilians because a bomb with a short burning fuse had been planted by the Provisional IRA. After the room had been cleared, Sgt Willetts then slammed the door to the room which contained the bomb, but realising the door was not strong enough to absorb the blast, he pressed his body against the door, shielding the people on the other side. The charge exploded, and he was killed instantly.

Harvey Andrews wrote a song about it...


  1. RIP Sgt Willetts,we will remember you.

  2. I don't suppose he could have found a more suitable body, that of McGuinness, to use ...

    RIP Sergeant. You're a hero.

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