Monday, 18 January 2010

Kiss Me Goodnight Sergeant Major

I stumbled upon this little gem over at ukspidersweb

It reminds CSR of his young days as a Soldier during the Cold War facing down the rather large and quite scary 3rd Shock Army. The story went thus...

A young Officer interrupts a Sergeant Major who is bellowing at some recruits. 'I say Sergeant Major' he says 'These new recruits aren't like the Soldiers of yester-year. They need to know the ins and outs and the reasons why'

'I see Sir' says the Sergeant Major 'Leave it to me'

The following morning the Sergeant Major has the recruits formed up around him in a semi-circle. He pulls an object from his pocket and throws it to the ground. 'Right lads' he says 'This is a grenade with the pin pulled out. Ordinarily I'd shout TAKE COVER! But I understand you lot want to discuss it'

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